"buzz" biography

Biography of a safety professional


Vic A. Lovell  was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where he originally pursued a Marketing & Business Communications  degree until the late 1980's. Early-on he obtained the position of Editor for the South Suburban News in N.E. Ohio. Vic eventually acquired the publishing rights and later sold the company in 1994. 

Vic began his Emergency Management career as a First Responder for the Ohio Emergency Management Agency in 1994. He also volunteered with FEMA as First Responder and Investigation & Intelligence Team member. 

Vic conceptualized, opened and physically operated several Sports Bar, Night Club and Restaurant businesses; one of which later franchised and eventually transitioned into a successful venture for more than a dozen independent owners. 

On an interesting note, Vic enjoyed ten seasons as a play-by-play statistician for the Cleveland Browns® NFL Franchise. Vic has been Microsoft® certified with a vast knowledge of expertise in designing and implementing infrastructures for Windows® servers. 

He volunteered with Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Department as a Communications Officer and President of the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Radio Association. Vic further worked for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Services Division as the Mobile Command Manager. 

In 2011 Vic was relocated to the Florida region by a private industrial and commercial supply firm, charged with the responsibility of establishing comprehensive safety programs that continue to benefit fortune 500 companies throughout the region. Vic is deemed an OSHA Competent Person, holding an OSHA 10, OSHA 30, OSHA 500 and the prestigious QSSP. 

For many years until BREXIT in 2019, Vic enjoyed traveling North America and occasionally the UK keeping folks safe, reducing workplace injuries and facilitating multi-government PPE, PED, TPED, Fire Suppression and Fire Detection product testing, certification and compliance with Europe’s largest Notified Body, commissioned by Royal Charter. 

2020 update

Post-BREXIT, Vic has been focused locally in Central Florida facilitating best practices for community safety in a COVID-19 environment. Working with local, state and federal health & safety organizations Vic is continuing his leadership roles as both a Local Law Enforcement Commander, COO of a Property Services Corporation and several Board of Director positions in Central Florida. 



FEMA, Homeland Security, ICS Protocol

Type III All Hazards (First Response)

OSHA (10, 30 & 500)

MSHA (Parts 46 & 48)

NFPA 70e (Qualified Person)

3M Fall Protection (Competent Person)

Confined Space (Entry & Rescue)

HAZMAT (Management & Chemical Safety)

MSDS to GHS Compliance

3M N-95 Respirator

Hand & Arm Protection (Needs Analysis)

Occupational Ergonomics 

QSSP (Qualified Safety Professional) 


Federal Communications Commission

   (FCC ID: N8NMZ)

Federal Aviation Administration

   (FAA Reg: FA3R4AWEH7)

Florida Fish & Wildlife

   (FWC Reg: G3L81026207)


CPR/AED/BBP/Basic First Aid

3M N-95 Respirator Fit Test

3M Ear-Fit Hearing Protection Fit Test