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I am a safety professional based in beautiful Orlando, Florida. I have enjoyed more than two decades of experience in business communications, marketing, and public safety, from local law enforcement, federal emergency management and OSHA/MSHA compliance.

In 2012 I transitioned my skills from the public sector to private enterprise representing a large private corporation that relocated me to sunny Florida from high atop the Rocky Mountains in breathtakingly beautiful Colorado. While I enjoyed the experience I learned that I needed to specialize my craft by focusing on the most commonly requested forms of Personal Safety.

In 2015 I was provided just such an opportunity to join a 115 year old  Global Business Services Organization, founded in 1901, facilitating safety product testing and certification to a range of clients in specific fields related to Personal Safety Products (Fire Detection & Suppression and Personal Protective Equipment) in North America.

My passion for keeping folks safe continues to grow each day as I strive to maintain certifications in the related fields of Environmental Health, Industrial Hygiene and PPE testing and compliance for export abroad.

As a hobby, I instruct all levels of safety from CPR/AED/BBP & Basic First Aid to Emergency Preparedness at home, in the workplace and in the community, teaching the rudimentary fundamentals of ICS Protocol & Incident Command as it relates to first response for Hazmat, Hazcom, Fire, Homeland Security and Search & Rescue.

I am President and/or Director on several local community boards, assisting in keeping our neighborhoods safe and beautiful while following a vision for the future of Orlando & Orange County.

As a career, I have traveled all of the United States and into the UK, keeping folks safe, consulting as to the correct personal protective equipment for the application at hand and facilitating US and European Global Harmonization & Government Compliance.

Now with BREXIT behind me and COVID-19 dictating our "new normal" for safe living my focus is on my small business investments and continued education in the ever-changing world of SAFETY.

El Paso County Sheriff's Department - Law Enforcement Bureau
Emergency Services Division


"Buzz" & "Truman"
El Paso County Sheriff's Department

Law Enforcement Bureau